Top 10 Epic One vs One Anime Fights - Vol 2 - YouTube

When the buses arrived at Our Lady of Fatima Summer Camp and the boys had unloaded their three bikes, George handed Buddha Tex’s cell phone and said, “Go ahead and make the call and stay close; this should all go down pretty quickly.”
Spider rode Maggie past a group of boys containing Malik, who was showing off his bike to adoring fans, when a voice boomed out from behind him, “Hey Spider, why didn’t you bring your date from last night? Oh wait, there’s an age limit.”
Spider spun around, never missing a beat, and said, “Why, Darkness! I thought you were happy with my leftovers. You wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like that. Just stick to secondhand skanks.”
Malik handed his bike off to one of his lackeys and started toward Spider with his fists clenched and every muscle in his upper body tensed for action.
George stepped in his path and when Malik tried to shoulder past him, he stood his ground, casually smiled a gap-toothed grin as he shoved the boy back.
“Hey this ain’t between me and ya’ll. It’s just me and Spidey. Ya’ll gonna fight all his battles for him? You heard me?”
Spider gave George a wink and smiled menacingly. George bounced back, “Oh, Spider can fight his own battles. We aren’t trying to protect Spider, we didn’t want you to get hurt.”
Malik looked at the boys like they were speaking Latin.
Tex stepped in close to the tall dark boy and proposed, “Well my purple pugilist, I propose we make a wager.”
“Man, what? You wanna bet? I’ll kill this fool!” Malik boomed. He had had enough of this nonsense.
“No, I propose a duel! First, we need a second to ensure the rules are followed and to jump in in case it becomes two on one.”
Before Malik could react a voice from the crowd that had quickly assembled, drawn to the skirmish, called out, “I’we second Spwidey. You ownt hafta be bwig to bwal.” It was Brandon Crayton.
Buddha looked around nervously at the speed with which the situation escalated, but Tex gave him a look that said ‘be quiet’.
Tex resumed the rules, “So, Darkness, you win, you get all our bikes. You lose, we get yours.”
Malik thought about this. The wager was good. They must be crazy. Spider was five inches shorter and easily fifty pounds lighter. Malik had a huge reach. With everyone standing around waiting for him to agree, this was a no-brainer. One of Malik’s cronies chimed in that he would second and after a quick consult they agreed to the terms.
Spider pulled off his shirt. Thirty camp-goers oohed and aahed about his huge Bruce Lee tattoo on his back from Enter the Dragon. Spider took up the same fighting stance as his tattoo and said, “Let’s get it.”
As Malik came forward, Spider put his hands down and turned towards Malik’s second, “We didn’t go over the rules.”
“There aren’t any rules,” the boy growled.
Before Spider turned back, Malik was already setting up for a bone-jarring hook shot that was well on it’s way to ruining Spider’s summer. Spider arched his back without even looking and let the punch sail past his face. As the bigger boy’s fist missed and sent him tilting forward, Spider struck him in the throat with a chop that had him clutching his neck and gasping for air.
“You can’t do that! That’s dirty!” screamed Malik’s second.
“You said no rules” Spider clarified.
“Well what? This ain’t Marcus of Queensbury rules.”
Malik recovered from his throat strike and strode forward. With all his strength, he sent an uppercut Mike Tyson would approve of at the unsuspecting Freshman. The punch was pure power and perfection. His pivot foot turned and his whole body launched a devastating blow meant to end the fight before it had really begun. Buddha cringed because he knew this punch was going to go through bone like a sledgehammer through jello pudding. He had forgotten his lesson on the bus with George.
George had tried to explain to Buddha that the power of the strings was synchronicity and timing. Everything depended on time. Every desired ending was possible if you could feel the strings and execute at the proper time.
At the last possible thousandth of a second (for those who blinked it was like magic), Spider spun like a top, evading Malik’s massive fist with the agility of a hummingbird and using that momentum he landed an all out uppercut of his own with a gutteral blow of Mortal Kombat proportion directly to the groin of the sucker punch artist.
Malik vomited and collapsed with both hands on his injured area. Spider’s spin had landed him on his way to send a size 8 Adidas field goal kick to his challenger’s face when “STOP!” screamed Malik’s second.
Miguel’s foot froze a fly’s wing from the big kid’s nose.
Malik coughed out, “You win the bike.”
Spider squatted down and said, “There’s always plenty of cheese in a mouse trap. Next time, pick a fight with someone your own size. They are probably slower.”
Just then an angry Priest and a platoon of Nuns descended on the boys to discover the culprits responsible for the carnage. The Ice Cream Gangsters took complete responsibility for the entire fight. When Malik’s second tried to enlighten them about the bike, Malik interrupted and earned a great deal of respect from the Gangsters when he said, “That’s not my bike. They brought it. Four boys, four bikes.”
As the Priest was chastising the boys and explaining that they would be sent home, Buddha’s part of the plan had begun. An old beat up pick up truck came to a stop just behind the bus.
“Who’s this?” yelled an exasperated Priest.
Buddha held up his camp registration form in front of the man’s nose and pointed to the line that said ‘In case of emergency’ where a name was written. “That would be Michael Maples.”
Country Mike sauntered up and help out a meaty hand to the Priest, “But most people call me Country Mike.”
The Priest felt it was divine intervention that Country Mike had arrived so quickly and within ten minutes the boys were off his hands. Four bikes were loaded into the bed of his pickup and the boys silently beamed at each other. The first leg of their adventure had gone off without a hitch.