This serial, Lords of Magazine Street, follows four boys who met the summer before sixth grade. Now as high school freshmen, Tex, George, Buddha, and Spider, are wrapped up in some voodoo, crime, and paranormal activity they can’t explain to the police.

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New Chapters release on the 11th and 22nd of every month (7:00 AM EST time)

Related imageTex, covered in hundreds of tattoos over his cream coffee skin tone, wearing D-Boy dreads, considered somewhat of a genius as he scored perfect on three college entrance exams at the age of fourteen, must balance his book smarts with his adventurous spirit.



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George, the tallest, a shaggy blonde, olive-skinned dreamer, homebody, video game nerd, tattooed (but don’t know where or what), with sky blue eyes, is King of the Ice Cream Gangsters. He became leader by way of betting all the ‘you daddies’ that Big Shot ice cream floats were better than Barg’s.

Model: Actor Brenton Thwaites


Who knows why people take risks? Who knows what insanity comes over someone to break away from what’s ‘normal’ and break new ground, but you could have heard a gnat’s wing flap after George said, “I bet a Big Shot float would be even better than Barg’s.” Few things were as defining as the ice cream float and the look of shock on everyone’s faces in that tiny living room was proof.

Tex broke the silence with, “Put a hundred ‘you daddies’ on it. No. I’ll go you one better.” He pointed at George, “If you come up with the twenty bucks it’ll take for us to make ‘Gansta floats’ and challenger floats, and given that your preposterous claim rings true, we’ll vote you King of the gang for life.”

This was a huge statement; bigger than Darth Vader being Luke’s Father, bigger than Santa Claus being fake, bigger than the Saints winning the Super Bowl. It was huge.

George falls in love with Isabella LaBeoux. The only problem is, she’s a ghost.



Buddha, a.k.a. Mark Jenkins, nicknamed by Bobby for his clean shaven head, carries a backpack like Linus’ blanket and never lets it go. It holds the most prized possessions of the Gangsters and whatever items they need to complete their next project. Buddha is followed by a Siamese cat, the form taken by a mulatto girl trapped between the living and the dead. But the real question is, what color is his hair?




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Spider, Hispanic, and the shortest, had scars that covered his arms which had made him see himself as a freak; so Country Mike tattooed every kind of spider, from tarantula to black widow, on the elementary school kid. Bobby called him Spider and the nickname stuck. By the age of fourteen, he is brave, owns a kick-ass, specially made bicycle, and is the best dancer in the entire South. He does a perfect Michael Jackson, but all styles come naturally to him.


You will enjoy exploring the French Quarter with the Ice Cream Gangsters, meeting colorful characters that inhabit it, and getting into some serious scrapes.

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